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Abhishek Chaudhary A.K.A TheAbbie born in 2002 is a computer engineer from Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues institute of technology, and he made he acting and writing debut in 2019 short film Brazen Epiphany, The film was made as a part of India Film project 50 hour filmmaking challenge. He is currently writing for TVF sketches. He also currently makes YouTube videos. Apart from acting and writing, his main fields of interests include programming and photography and podcasting.

How to Create a Pixel Art Editor Using HTML5 Canvas

The web is a great place to make things, and it's also a great place to showcase your creations. A pixel art editor is a fun project to test your web development skills. It lets you showcase your creativity and has a large potential audience. So what is pixel art, you might ask? We will be using many modern web technologies to build this project which will be helpful for you in your future endeavors as well. So let's get started. We will use the following web technologies in our project: The